Duties Of A DUI Lawyer To His Client

In the legal system, the relationship between the client and their attorney should be a fiduciary relationship. That means that they have to trust each other, they should have good faith, and they should rely on each other at all times. The attorney should act in the best interest of their clients to facilitate a fiduciary relationship. The attorneys at bowling green dui attorney should act by the wishes of their clients, but they should ensure that they do not compromise the integrity of the law. Below are some of the duties a solicitor owes their clients.

Responsibilities Of A DUI Lawyer


Your attorney should tell you how much they will charge you before they start working for you. That will help to avoid future complications. When you have agreed on the amount, you will pay them, ensure that they send you their billing charges for their services. They should state what services they have provided and how much they have charged for each service.


It is important that you sign a confidentiality contract. It protects your privacy by ensuring that your conversations, documentation and other important aspects are kept between you and your solicitor. They can only be revealed in limited situations, and if they go against the contract, you can sue them. The attorneys should also ensure that they strictly maintain their client’s files.

Conflict Of Interest

Your attorney should not allow their interests or those of an associate to come before your interests unless you have an illegal motive. It is also a rule that a solicitor can’t represent if they have previously provided services to parties that you conflict with. If you have a feeling that they may be in conflict with you, raise the issue with them or change them.

Handling Your Money

Your attorney may require that you give them some money in advance so that they can cover expenses they will incur before you pay them. You should, therefore, have a costs agreement that shows that the money will only be given to them and that no other party will be responsible for the money without their permission.

Clear Communication

Your solicitor should update you on the progress of your matter, and it should be documented for future references. They should also give you advice about your alternative options of dealing with the case. Reverence is also important in addition to them helping you to understand the law.