Five Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorbike enthusiasts put themselves to several dangers when heading out on the road. Motorcycle accidents can prove to be very dangerous. The primary reason is that there is not adequate protection for riders with an adventurous spirit. Statistics indicate that bikers are more than twenty times more likely to lose their lives in a collision that vehicle occupants. Furthermore, they are likely to get serious injuries. Contact motorbike accident attorney Bergen county that has lots of experience if you have been involved in an accident. Below are some of the most popular causes of motorcycle carnages.

Causes of motorcycle accidents

Making the wrong decisions


Let’s face it. Most cyclists like engaging in dangerous behavior and that are what causes all the trouble.It’s a no brainer that if you are speeding, tired, or perhaps under the influence, your chances of getting involved in a deadly crash are very high. Although many other factors will affect the result, it’s advisable to avoid risky behavior, especially when riding on new roads.

Road conditions

Apart from making the wrong decisions, poor road conditions can also result in devastating crashes. In simple terms, potholes, slippery surfaces, road unevenness just to mention a few can make riders lose concentration and get involved in accidents. Experts riders recommend that you should always stay alerted and get prepared to face any challenges that will come your way.

Blind spots

Lack of visibility is another leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Riders are fond of losing their visibility at blind spots particularly when overtaking at neck-breaking speeds. As a rider, it is necessary to be very cautious and always be aware that some road users might not have noticed your presence. And that is not all. If you are riding next to parked vehicles, it’s important to be on the lookout for drivers or passengers that may open the doors of their car unexpectedly.


Motorcycle enthusiasts like the thrill that comes with insane speeds, but sadly overspeeding can complicate things a lot. In simple terms, if you are overspeeding then your chances of losing control of your bike and getting involved in a grisly road accident are very high. Additionally, when you are speeding, your visibility will be reduced, and chances of seeing objects on the road are small. The accidents happen to even expert riders reason being that they feel too comfortable with the way.

Rear end crashes

In some case, there isn’t sufficient space between the bike and car in front. A vehicle that applies instant breaks unexpectedly can easily cause a rear-end collision that can turn into a disaster. While cyclists don’t weigh that much, it can be a challenging task to balance on two wheels. Always make sure that you keep some distance between you and the vehicle in front to avoid rear end collisions.

Wild stunts

kldvnsakvnklasdnvlksdkvnlskadnvlknaslkvnasdvasdAnother common reason for motorcycle accidents is when riders try performing wild stunts while riding. Both timing and speed are essential to completing some tricks and hitting the brakes at short notice can throw you off the bike. That is why it’s necessary to keep a close eye on what is unfolding around you otherwise you will hit something or lose control of the motorcycle.